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Hi there,

I have been reading through the CPD thread to try and get ideas of what to include in my CPD. I want to learn pivot tables, v-lookups and also h-lookups in excel, also I would like to get more in depth with management accounting, could these be included in my CPD?

I am also reading Accounting Technician, PQ magazine and Global Accountant magazine, can this be included in your CPD?

Lastly what dates should I be using, it says the maximum time is 12 months but can this be shorter? Any recommendations?

Any information would be much appreciated


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    All of your suggestions are really good ones!

    CPD doesn't have to be just attending tax seminars or similar.

    The AAT way of doing CPD is to look at what you need, and to act accordingly. Anything you do that advances your professional development should count.

    I've started trying to remember to make a note of any research I need to do in the course of my work, or good articles I've read on AccountingWeb or similar, as these all count as well. Remembering to note it down is easier said than done, though!

    As a member (not a member in practice) you have to go through the cycle once every 12 months (twice yearly for MIPs). This will (or should) include doing activities throughout the year, but you have to go through the planning and evaluation process once every 12 months. You aren't going to get in trouble for doing it more though.
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    Thanks Monsoon :-)

    I will start to note these things down and include them in my CPD
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    CPD doesn't even have to be technical you can include soft skills as well such as telephone skills, staff management etc.
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