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Hi Guys and Girls,

Hope your all well?

I started my AAT Level 4 this evening which kicked out with ICAS. I can honestly say this is the first time I have walked out of class not having a clue what to do or really what is being asked of me and I am really really worried. I know some of you will have done this or be in a similar position to me? Those of you who can help I would greatly appreciate any help and advance. I don't even have a clue what subject to base my project on or what to do?

Please can anyone help me?




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    Hi Steph, first thing, don't panic!! Like myself I think most people struggle to find a theme for their project at first. It took me at least a couple of weeks to properly decide where to start although I had set my mind on focusing it on a work based theme rather than the AAT case study.
    I did this because I thought something useful could actually evolve from the outcome, (and it did), plus I was able to justify support from my bosses and colleagues.
    For starters just stand back and to think about some of the routine tasks or functions you or perhaps someone else performs within your normal course of business and try to imagine describing it to a complete outsider. How you currently get from A to B?, is it achieving what it should do?, is it efficient?, is it safe?, is it compliant for data protection?, are there opportunities for fraud?, could it be done easier?
    I then constucted as SWOT analysis of the function I had chosen and its relation to the overall business, (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) which I used as the foundation for the project.
    Once I got that far things started to flow. It can be suprising what comes out of a seemingly routine function when you think about it. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for posting a reply.

    Would you mind me asking what subject you based your project on? Just trying to get as many ideas as possible. Our tutor has asked that we get the planning part of it done for early October so really have to start thinking.


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    I based mine around the system our company had for taking and recording card receipts for hotel and apartment accommodation and how they are recorded in the accounts. We had particular problems as the receipts required to be shared between two companies with subsequent VAT liabilities. There were loads of other issues such as the safe storage of client details, unreliable back up of computer data, inadequate systems for checking and recording the receipts, lack of systems and control and opportunities for fraud which came to light.
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    Thank you.

    I think the problem for me at this time is not know what my subject is. I think I am going th have a look at the case study on the AAT website and speak to my tutor see if she can also shead some light.


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    Once you do choose your subject, keep an excercise book with you and when something comes into your head write it down and then once you actually get into it you have lots of little ideas to expand on. Its not that bad once you actually start it, I dreaded it, and paniced alot as i didnt think i would ever get enough words in it, but trust me you will, I also had help from my tutor at college. Its a fantastic feeling when its completed!
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    I also dreaded the project - it took me ages to finalise which topic to base my project on. I used the case study but I think whatever you decide don't choose too bigger an area, just one system or one part of a large system. I did mine on credit control (or rather than the lack of it!)

    It is definitely easier once you get started, especially if you break it down onto sections. I actually ended up writing far too much and had over 6,500 words by the time I had finished my first draft, to ensure I had covered all points. I then had to cut it down quite a bit before I got to my final draft.

    I would start with the easier sections, rather than write it in order of each section / chapter. I would start with the managing people section, as it should be fairly easy to describe each member of staff, their job role and how they are managed etc.

    I would then write the next section, describing your chosen system, how it currently works, what the issues are and then recommendations for improvements.
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    Wow thank you so much this is fantastic advice I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I have been given a case study called 'cookridge carpets'. Just got pick what I am going to base my project on.

    Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it.

    Steph x
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    Like you I was full of trepidation having never ever written a report before. I too had Cookridge Carpets as my project.

    My advice to you would be to read the scenario over and over again, you will find things that start to stand out, simple little things, like for example the lack of control over Petty Cash which leaves the company open to Theft and Fraud, make notes, set out your report in rough form, you can mess around with things until they start to make sense.

    When you are ready to submit it make sure you proof read it and rectify any spelling mistakes, don't make your paragraphs too long, and make sure every paragraph has a number.

    And finally if you have a brilliant tutor like we had you'll be okay

    Good Luck.

  • stephleedz
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    Thank you very much for your response and thank you for the point on petty cash. I am trying to do the plan at the moment (I have until Friday 14th to complete). I am struggling with finding the fraud and weakness points (eg: petty cash you have just mentioned). Any extra obvious points that I seen to be missing would be greatly appreciate. It's nice to know someone else has done the project on the same case study as myself.

    I hate to say it but my tutor is shall we say not that interested and really hard to get hold off. My friend who was given inkwell (I think) spoke to our tutor regarding the plan just to make sure she was on the right track and the tutor hadn't even read the case study she had set my friend. So kind of relying on people's help and advice.

    Thanks again for your post really appreciate everyone's feedback and advice.
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    Mine was on Cookridge carpets too. At first it all seemed a blur but when you read over the scenario a few times , things will become obvious. Also once finished ,submitted and marked you great a great sense of achievement.Good Luck
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