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Hi All,

I took the plunge and started distance learning with bpp at level 4 and have my fnst exam next week. My question is, provided I get through next week, what would be the most logical order to complete the units at level 4, I know I will probably end up doing both tax units as my options.



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    Hi Sampson,

    I don't know about 'logical' but I did Personal Tax first as I thought I might enjoy it the most (which I did) to ease me in and then went on to FNST as everyone said it was the hardest so thought after a fun one I would tackle that. I'm now doing Budgeting (or would be if I hadn't been working on integrated forecasts for the bank every night this week!) and then will do FNPF.

    It seems to have worked out well that way for me but I know people doing level 4 at college often seem to do more than one unit at a time. I definitely can't motivate myself to do that!

    My only problem now is where to fit in the dreaded project!!!!!

    Really, I think you will be fine whichever unit you start on.

    Good luck with the studies!
  • sampson
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    Thanks for the advise. I think you're probably right about not worrying to much about the order I sit these exams, reading through other posts it seems like the order is quite random, especially for those studying at college. I started level 4 on fnst to try and test myself whilst distance learning for the first time and I've had to put in some serious hours.

    I'm probably going to go through tge syllabus the way bpp has it set out and do the icas project just before I do the two tax modules, that way i wont be waiting on the assessors to mark the project. That's the theory anyway!
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    I did business tax and personal tax together during Dec 10
    I did limited companies in June 2011
    I going to do budgeting October 13th
    Hopefully I will be doing financial performance in December2011/January 2012
    And then finish off with the project
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