add more services to my MIP license

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Hi guys,

I got my MIP license (3 months ago) with only bookkeeping and payroll and recently i fished new clients which they want me to look after all their accounting matters which i think i can do it as i been working for medium practice for the last 3 years and i have all the experience to do (accounts, VAT, companies sercretarial, self assessments) how do i go on about it to ask the AAT to add the new services via letter or a form?

Many thanks.


  • KaelaH
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    I recently did this myself. Its perhaps best to call them first to speak to one of the team but all I was asked to do was to send an email to the Members in Practice team requesting the areas I wanted to add along with an explanation of my experience in these areas and an updated CPD record.

    Good luck
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