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Hello, I am just after a bit of general advice as to how to start with a potential new payroll client. I have a meeting with them tomorrow and I have been informed that they started employing from 25/07/11 but as far as I am aware, they have not registered as an employer with HMRC. I will have to find out if any payments have been made any take these into consideration when calculating the PAYE. The question I have is, how would you approach the pay periods/P32. They want to run the payroll to the 20th of each month in order to pay by the final Friday of the month, they therefore have the following periods outstanding and just starting:

25/07/11 - 20/08/11
21/08/11 - 20/09/11
21/09/11 - 20/10/11

Would you process 3 x monthly payrolls or run the payroll for 21/09/11 - 20/10/11 with back pay adjustments? The problem I see with this is that for lower earning employees, they may be subject to more NI. If I run 3 x payroll period which seems correct, this means that the P32 quarter may be missed due to the time of processing the data and waiting for PAYE references to be processed.

Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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