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Hi all,

Had an offer come through the post from Indicator for a fortnightly tax newsletter. See

There is also a sample newsletter at

Does anyone subscribe to anything like this? Do you have recommendations or thoughts on indicator or others?



  • Sue
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    Hi Ian

    I subscribed to Indicator for a year but stopped because as well as receiving the newsletters I received a lot of junk mail from them. I also found they missed some of the publications and I had to chase them up quite a bit.

    I did find some of the information useful, but then I mainly do bookkeeping and not tax returns.

    What I found more interesting was the free books I got at the beginning for signing up with them.

  • deanshepherd
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    I too signed up years ago with some great freebies. I found the tax tips pretty basic in the end and not very relevant to me or my clients. Once you have bought once you will forever more receive samples of Tips and Advice: HR, Tips and Advice: Director, Tips and Advice: Financial Controller, Tips and Advice: VAT, Tips and Advice: Personnel.. they have about 40 publications and love telling you about them all!
  • burg
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    So it seems like it may be worth it for the freebies???

    I'm being offered two deals:-

    1. Just the first 6 months for only £31

    2. A full year subscription, the previous 12 months back issues, '62 tax dodges' book 'maximising tax free business expenses book' for £107

  • mc25
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    I had exactly the same mails sent to me this week. They are offering me a year sub for £107 for the tax dodge (which they are saying its reduced rate). They included some free tips articles which some I did find very interesting but some were very basic things. Unfortunately I cannot say if it’s worth it or not as I haven't subscribed to them yet.
  • Gem7321
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    I have signed up for a free 3 month trial to make my mind up, I like it so far but I am getting a lot of spam.
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