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Hi all!

I'm Jonathon, I'm 28, and I live in Durham with my wife-to-be Amy.

I've just started AAT Level 2 at New College Durham... so far so good I think!

This place seems as good as any to join!

Anyone else in my area? Would be good to make a few new friends, virtual or not :)


  • Sulew17
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    Welcome to the Forum. You'll find some really great people on here who will always be willing and able to answer any questions you might have.

    I live near to Newcastle Airport. I did Level 2 last year and am doing Level 3 this year at Newcastle College. I'm loving the course and wish I'd done it years ago! You've chosen a great course to do as there as so many things you will be able to do with it when you've qualified. Good luck.

  • Diddy Mau
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    Hello Retailgenius,
    I've now started level 4 at South Tyneside College. I have only used this forum recently but have to say the help and info available is second to none.
    Enjoy your studies.
  • NikkiJ
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    Hi Jonathon,

    I'm Nikki and I live in Shildon, my husband works in Durham so me and the kidlets are up your way a lot.

    I've worked through level 2 and am now ploughing through level 3... One day I'll do level 4 but right now that depends on what life brings me in the next year or so.

    How are you finding the course so far? I'm home studying and found level 2 quite easy... It's all very logical once you get your head round the basics.

  • janwal
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    Hi Jonathan

    Welcome to the AAT, I am studying level 3 at Harrogate College, did level 2 last year, if you have any questions just post them, doesn't matter how small there's always someone on here to help. It's a great social network as well.

    Are you studying full time or do you work as well?

  • retailgenius
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    Hi all :)

    Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully I'll not have to come on begging for help too much but it's nice to know people are around to do so should the need arise!

    Nikki, I started the course Tuesday gone, which was just the induction/getting to know your fellow students-type session, so I'll start delving into the innards next week.

    Jan, I'm working full-time as a night manager for Asda as well as doing the course; I think that'll pose its own challenges with course scheduling but hey, short-term pain long-term gain, right?!
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