1st branch meeting tonight

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Went to my first branch meeting tonight looking at how to minimise your tax position. It was pretty taxing (no pun intended) as I am pretty new to tax, I really enjoyed myself though, it was nice to speak to other AAT members and have been asked to join the committee.

Also I can add this to my CPD :-)


  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,809
    oli wrote: »
    ..and have been asked to join the committee.

    haha.. first-timers always get roped in!!

    There's no escape now..
  • Paul C
    Paul C Well-Known Registered Posts: 193
    I find the branch meetings really good as well. I think its one of the great strengths of AAT - I have met so many people in my area & kept my CPD up to date. For me its also a way of getting good value for money from my annual membership fees.

    I have just joined the local branch committee (Plymouth) - I am hoping to learn some new skills but also take the pressure off those already helping out.
  • Jonno1
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    I went to the same meeting in Nottingham As I was about to sit my final test for AAT in Business tax the following week, and having found this module to be the most interesting and at the same time most intellectually challenging, rigorous, involving and dare I say most relevant? unit of the AAT syllabus , I was expecting some lively debate at the meeting. Unfortunately that did not happen - many of the questions directed to the audience from the speaker were met with blank faces! As I currently do not work in finance, do I assume that most AAT members do not like business tax as a subject, or just find it too complicated to grasp?
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