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PEV: New Financial Performance

IMRIMR Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
Failed my PEV last June and now need to sit the cross over Financial Performace.

Kaplan teacher said there was test papers on AAT website but cant find them?

has anyone got them to email or links to were they are on this site?

[email protected]

thank x


  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    Look in your own "My AAT"
    (the secure area where you have to log in)

    In Teaching and course support
    look for :-

    E-learning support materials, practice assessments and more.
    Click through and then click on

    At the bottom of the page you'll find
    AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting

    Click through and scroll down until you see Financial Performance

    Practice CBT 1
    Practice CBT 1 - answers
    [email protected]
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