Payroll Question.

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I really don't know much about payroll. Am doing a little work for a small company who have a part time admin girl working for them earning roughly £135 a week gross.
Their accountancy firm have told them that if she fills in a P46 - then that will take care of her tax.
Is someone out there able to explain that to me! My thoughts were as she is raising invoices for her services - she would have to register as self-employed and as she is earning so little she would not have to pay tax and would probably be exempt from class 2 contibutions.
Any explanations would be really appreciated!



  • Claire321
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    If the accountancy firm has told you she needs to fill in a P46 form this implies she is going to be an employee as P46 forms are only for employees.

    I would just ask for clarification if she is an employee or self employed.
  • NickyW
    NickyW Registered Posts: 97 Regular contributor ⭐
    I thought this as well - but as I don't know an awful lot about payroll just wanted to clarify it.
    Thanks for your reply!
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