Accounts Assistant needed in London!

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Hi All,

A month or so ago I put up a post asking if anyone was looking for a job in London but only got CVs back after an agency had found us someone..well! this person has not worked out and we are now looking again.

The hours would be 5 days a week 10:00 / 14:00

So, if this sounds interesting please send me your CV’s and any questions to [email protected].

The company’s website is as follows:

This role would be perfect for someone trying to get their foot in the finance door or for someone returning back to work.

BUT! Please don’t phone in asking about the role as we are still in the process of letting the current employee go.


  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854
    Any chance of a job description? and idea of salary?
  • Yestin
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    Hi Sppegs,

    If you could email me with your CV I can reply to the questions you have asked.

  • Yao Yu
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    this is a great chance for people want to start their career in accounting, I would love to apply for it without worrying about the salary, but this moment I am pregnant and due to have a baby soon, so have to wait later beginning of next year then start to searching a job.
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