Costs and Revenues CBA

Hi all,

Probably a common question but was wondering if anyone has taken the Unit 6 CBA for Costs and Revenues via diploma pathway? I feel quite prepared as I have done the practice one on here and all the past papers, its just I have heard that this exam is really difficult and some content is very different to whats in our books.

Can anyone put my mind at ease please?




  • clarlou76
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    i found this exam very difficult and failed 3 times. they have laid it all out different than the practice paper which is very unfair. make sure you go through the bpp question bank as i found this helped immensely

    good luck

  • amyjayne27
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    You have made me really panic now! What is this question bank?
  • Tjcgti
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    Hi Amy,
    As per my post on the other thread I passed the exam today.
    If you do the online ECR practice exam it will help alot. The format in the practice exam was pretty much exactly the same in the exam. I hadnt done many paper based exam papers as I know the formats can be different.
    So just familiarise yourself and you will know what to expect :)
  • amyjayne27
    amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314
    Thank you Tjcgti!
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