AAT & the USA

Frankie1976Frankie1976 Feels At HomePosts: 33Registered
Could anyone tell me if the AAT qualification is recognised in the USA? I've looked on the internet to find the answer, but to no avail.



  • T.C.T.C. Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,448Registered, Tutor
    Very unlikely, as their tax system is so different.
  • Frankie1976Frankie1976 Feels At Home Posts: 33Registered
    That seems to be conclusion I've come to. Thanks anyway!
  • payrollpropayrollpro Trusted Regular Hampshire/SurreyPosts: 418Registered, Working Together with HMRC

    Have you asked member services? The AAT has a lot of contact with USA and has branches in quite a few countries. The tax and accounting system is different in the USA however the principles are much the same and there are ways of establishing whether or not you have some of the basic skills needed.

    The main difference is that accounting in the US is a regulated profession but member services should know the conversion criteria.

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