2 subjects at once????

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I am currently waiting to re-sit my CRMC cba at the end of October and am starting to feel a little un-motivated with studying as I feel I already know what I need to, but just didn't really get the hang of the cba as it was my first one as I have previously sat paper based exams.

Has anyone done 2 subjects VIA online learning at the same time? As I have ICAS and Financial Statements still to do I was thinking of geting started on one of them whilst doing a bit of studying for my re-sit.

Or should I just wait until I've got the CRMC done and dusted!!

I just so want to get my AAT finished.


  • pirate
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    I studied under the old standards but I did study 2 or 3 subjects at a time.

    I did the Financial Statements, and the Financial Budgeting and Performance all together

    If you have the time to do so I would do them makes it a bit more interesting

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