Sage Instant Accounts Production

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Has anyone used or currently use this ?

It seems good value on the face of it (£99+vat) compared to the standard Accounts Production (£1215+vat). I have spoken to Sage directly and they say it's just a "stripped-down" version mainly without the advanced reporting options/editing functions (which I wouldn't use anyway).

I forgot to ask them if it produced iXBRL accounts, anyone know ?



  • burg
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    I was rather shocked with their prices. I know I shouldn't have been!

    I use Digita and they were (know all fixed thankfully) having some problems with the time taken to produce iXBRL accounts. I looked around spoke to Iris who were more expensive but where I expected roughly.

    I saw the Sage Instant Accounts Production and the associated tax modules but have more clients than the maximum so decided to give them a call. I was shocked when the quote was well over £6k. The demo was OK but Digita is much easier to navigate.

    My further exploring did find some comments suggesting that the tax comps weren't great either. May have been on here or Accounting Web.

  • Monsoon
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    I just wouldn't touch Sage practice software with a bargepole.

    If you're looking for quality with no hidden extras at a brilliant price, look no further than VT Software.
  • TreadStone
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    Cheers guys.

    I only ask because I use SAP in my 9-5 day job. I find it quite suitable for the needs of the practice I work for but simply wouldn'y pay the premium for home use. That's why the "Instant" version seemed a logical choice at this stage. Just wondered if it produced iXBRL accounts. I'll give Sage another call....
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