AAT Level 4- Relocation

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I have just started AAT level 4, I currently do this one afternoon a week.

Does anyone know how easy/ if it is possible to transfer to another college or home learning if I was to relocate?

I appreciate anyone's feedback on this

Thanks for your help!


  • SandyHood
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    You are not the first

    If you move colleges, notify both as your previous and next providers.
    Your record will then change.
    Home learning (for example through Eagle) is the same approach.

    You would need to notify the AAT office if you have no provider (and effectively self-teach) but do bear in mind that you will need to be assessed for many units (so having a designated learning provider will make this much easier).
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  • Roro1303
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    hi there,

    You could try to contact Kaplan they offer Live onlince courses, i did my L3 in a classroom and now doing my L4 with them but via live online.
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