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I've got this exam on monday,

I just wondering if anyone had any tips or hints?

It annoys me how parts of the Kaplan book are insanely difficult while the practice CBAs seem to be a lot easier. I don't know if I need to burn the midnight oil over the weekend, or if I'm ok?

How were the writing questions, thats my biggest concern atm

Cheers for any help :D


  • adiba
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    Hi Daz

    I have this exam later on this aft! Will let you know how I get on, I'm feeling ok about it as had a go at the practise CBA's twice and also had a go at some of the old standard practise papers. Best advice is to just keep practising, especially with the written questions as they were the ones I wasn't too keen on to start with either but feeling much more confident about them now.
  • niccham79
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    Hi Daz,
    My main problem with this exam (which i've not thankfully passed) was the written questions. A lot of it is just common sense i'm afraid. If selling prices have gone up you figure why and vice versa.
    I didn't particularly find the Kaplan book all that helpful either but as long as you're okay with the past papers and CBA's then i'm sure you'll be fine!
    And you abida - good luck both of you!!
  • Miffy3QE
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    Hi Daz,
    I passed this exam in June 2011, but it was mainly due to practise papers and learning the theory over and over again. My earlier post, quoted below, refers to DFS exam, which I have a reasit in tomorrow....I mis-read your query and typed an answer which makes no sense! Sorry!! :D
  • PGM
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    Miffy3QE wrote: Β»
    Hi Daz,
    I have this exam tomorrow, as a re-sit, having been awarded a 'not yet competant' in June.
    I can not stress enough the need to learn your theory, and IAS standards, their definitions and their use in preparing financial statements. I know there are many to learn, but it's what made me come unstuck.....also the CBA format has changed from the one we sat in June......the practise one on AAT now has pop-ups which are so much better than the endless scrolling we had to endure initially!!!!
    Good luck, I have my fingers crossed and a knot of anxiety in my stomach for this exam tomorrow, it really shouldn't be underestimated!

    But don't get too bogged down with the IAS's. As long as you understand the key points such as lower of cost or NRV for stock etc, they won't grill you on the more obscure rules.
  • anniebabe
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    Backward Variances

    Does anyone know if backward variances crop up in the FNPF exam - there is a bit about it in the text book - but we havent covered it in class.

    Many thanks
  • Daz1865
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    Thanks very much for the replies, you're all very kind :-)

    I made the mistake of going out last night, too many beers, today has been a complete write off revision wise :(

    Will have to spend all of tomorrow with my head in t'books!
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