Too late to enter exams?

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Does anyone know if it is too late to enter for AAT level 4 exams? I have passed two exams and wanted to finish the rest. Cant seem to find any colleges taking on students.

Any help is very much appreciated.


  • pirate
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    what standards are you on, the new ones or the old ones.

    If you were on the old ones you need to migrate to the new standards. At Level 4 the subjects are very similar. I did the old standards but my sister is on the new ones and I have been helping her and the material is very similar. Were you on diploma or on NVQ pathway. What exams did you already take?

    You could do these distance learning if there are no colleges.
  • Naz
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    Hi Pirate

    I'm under the new standards. I have passed Financial Statements and Budgeting and that's it!

    I received funding from student finance last year and was hoping to do the same. Thats why I need it to be in a college. Is it expensive doing it through distant learning?

    Thanks in advance
  • pirate
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    Hi Naz

    Distance Learning providers vary.
    I was with premier who i found to be really good. Their prices are £699 for the whole study which does include the exams but since you have done 2 modules then it will be less.
    You will have 1 other compulosry exam and 2 optional plusthe project. Their project support is excellent

    others are BPP you can do it in their classrooms, online courses and distance learning with prices accordingly. Each module distance appears to be £129 exams are £38.

    Eagle are also highly rated. They charge £649 for the whole course and extra for exams and extra for venue fees:- see

    HTH I dont know about the student financiing,
  • Naz
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    Thanks for you response Pirate. I will probably give premier a go.
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