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Paul C
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I am seeing a potential new client today re a very simple set of company accounts ( I have read last years on Companies House).

I get the impression that very little has happened over the past year. Bookkeeper records already on a spreadsheet. Company is almost dormant & waiting for better times when sales pick up. Run from home online.

We have had surveys in here that talk about £250 plus for a set of accounts

Is it more appropriate here to charge a notional fee? I want to be fair but not sell myself short.....

What do you think would be fair? Thoughts appreciated.


  • burg
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    I tend to start my charging at around £500 for a limited company. I do however have a concession rate for practically dormant companies of around £300. Those who are really dormant are charged less still.

  • RAS
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    Would imagine that the client would also want their personal tax return completed as well? Maybe they are also employed and that the tax return would be straightforward but if you are to complete their tax return would advise to understand how straightforward their other income is. Another thought, if company barely trading then perhaps would be better for them to close company down and just operate as a sole trader, unless there is a realistic chance of significant increase in activity. I would have thought if very straightforward set of accounts and straightforward personal tax return for one director, then a quote in the region of £300 to £500 would be reasonable. Don`t forget the CT600 iXBRL filing, have you got accounts production software that is iXBRL compliant?
  • Paul C
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    Many thanks burg and RAS, very helpful. Have a great weekend!
  • Monsoon
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    £3-500 is in the right ballpark, I agree.
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