Cookridge Carpets case study

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Hi Guys,

I know there's a few of us working on this case study, there's definitely a lot to write about and I'm still undecided about which one of the accounting functions to focus my report on, I know we are allowed to review the entire system or just focus on one or more of the accounting functions, just wondering what other people have decided to go for?


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    I am doing Cookridge Carpets case study also, I have nearly finished the project plan but honestly have no idea what my subject will be. So would also be very grateful to hear what others have decided are their main subjects.


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    Hi Steph

    There's definitely a lot to choose from which is why I'm finding it hard. I'm also working on my project plan and going through weaknesses, fraud etc. Does the plan have a to be in a specific format?
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    adiba wrote: »
    Hi Steph

    There's definitely a lot to choose from which is why I'm finding it hard. I'm also working on my project plan and going through weaknesses, fraud etc. Does the plan have a to be in a specific format?
    I found that Cookridge Carpets was SUCH a mess, I was initially overwhelmed.
    By using the mapping document, and looking for the part of the business which was closer to my current role, I applied the principles of my workplace, basic training policies etc to the simulation, and then padded it out to match the mapping document.
    Any info I found hard to write about, but wanted to include for effect, I added in an appendix in pie chart/graphic form and referenced it. Each paragraph has a reference, and it all cross-matches in the mapping document. This is very tedious to do, but its how you'll know the content of your project is correct.
    Good luck!
    My project draft wasn't handed back by my tutor, but submitted immediately and it passed. I was thrilled with this, but I know lots of classmates struggled with theirs.
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    There are so many areas to pick from in Cookridge Carpets.Their are security issues both system and office,petty cash problems,need for a fully integrated system,networked computers.The lsit can go on and on. Key is to focus on what you are going to base your project on and develop that area.Also all ponts in the mapping document need to be covered .So you need to have answered those points whether in your report or in the appendix.
    No report will cover everything that is in the case study . I struggled at first but persevered and was amazed at how quickly i got to those 4000 words.
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    I'm not too sure whether I should say this, but I bought in summer 2011 a BPP study guide on this unit, and it focusses on a firm with problems similar to Cookridge Carpets. There is a sample layout of the final report in the text, so I based my final report on this layout. I can sell you the text book if you want!
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    I done my ICAS project first in Unit 4 before any of the exams. Im glad I did.

    I done the project Cookridge Carpets and got good feedback about it and passed the project with just a few minor alterations to make on first submission. You get up to 3 submissions to put right anything they don't like.

    Rehana has mentioned a few of the problems, but there are others. I think Cookridge is so small, that you can easily concentrate on ALL the issues. I got really bogged down in a sort of Whodunit on the fraud front - ended up writing way too much and had to slash 2000 words from the report.

    You should be able to make a good effort with about 20 hours of work. But it will take longer to refine.
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    I finished my ICAS case study in June and passed on second submission my first submission was fine but just a couple of minor changes.

    i picked 4 accoutning areas instead of the whole system as we was told by our tutor it would be too much for the whole system to be on the case study as you only get 4000 words and trust me its soo easy to go over them 4000. initally it seems alot but once you get writing its not at all.

    one piece of advise i would give anyone doing it is make sure you do it straight away and dont leave it til the last minute like i did and make sure you submit it on the website before the date provided becuase i had a panic that my wasnt posted in time.

    the problems in the report its self in all the areas are clear to see so your have no poblem once you get down to it the main problem you will have is how to start and how to stop writing.

    Good Luck

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