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Hello all,

Just booked my CRMC for last week of the month, i am crrently 80% ready hoping to be 100% by then.

could i be given any tips on both the part 1&2 as i am doing both the same day.
part 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

is part 1: only questions
Part 2: questions and case studies?

many thanks in advance


  • Loz1234
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    Hi Roro1303

    I sat my CRMC at beginning of September and failed part 1 but have just found out that I've passed part 2. I'm also re-sitting my part 1 at the end of the month.

    Part 1 - is multiple choice questions
    Part 2 - is case study and questions on the case study

    I think with part 1 its easy to over think the questions (as I did). Everytime I read a question I was thinking 'what if they mean something else' and was doubting myself the whole way through it. But with part 2 I just used my common sense and experience as for the last 6 months I've been doing a credit control job.

    Well good luck for the end of October!!!

    Fingers crossed we both pass!!!
  • Roro1303
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    hi Loz1234,

    Thanks for the information, and good luck with your part 1 re-take
    i am sure it will be fine this trip

    take care
  • niccham79
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    Hi Roro,
    I had to take my CRCM part 1 3 times to pass but that's not because the questions are all that hard, more to do with the fact that some of them double phrase things so make sure you read the questions carefully (ir they sometimes give you a double negative so it means the opposite of what it would normally mean).
    Out of interest which book are you using to study - I used Kaplan and didn't find them that useful, there were questions I had in all 3 sittings I had that weren't in the book - if you've got time and you're not already using it I'd advise getting hold of a Osbourne book to help.
    GOOD LUCK! Am sure you'll do fine...
  • Roro1303
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    hi niccham79.

    Thanks for the advice, unfortunately i am studying with Kaplan, so i am now really worried from what you've just said.
    I did the CBA on AAt's website, passed the part 1.
    Were the questions similar to the CBA?
    to be honest i can not afford financially to fail so i have to find a way out.

    thanks once again
  • niccham79
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    oh god. i'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, it might have just been me that found it hard.
    Yes questions are similar but for some reason I had really random questions. If you can get hold of a copy of the osbourne book it really did help me out.. Am sure you'll be fine tho! :o) I'll see if I can find the questions that I found hard and will let you know what they were..
  • Roro1303
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    that will be brilliant if you can help me with some of the questions, like i sais, i am about 80% ready for the exam so hopefully this will increase by the time i sit the exam.

    anyway, feel free to PM.

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