How long after finishing exams to complete work experience ?

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Hi there

As I am only working part time I am likely only going to have about 8 months work experience submitted by the time I finish my level 4 exams.

Please could someone remind me how long I have after finishing my exams to submit the required 1 years work experience ?

Thanks !


  • pirate
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    Hi uknitty

    You are required to have 1 years experience since you registered as a student.
    After qualification you have 3 years to gain the rest of the experience during which time you can remain an affiliate member.
    If you apply for full membership more than three years after completing your AAT Accounting Qualification, you will need to provide evidence that you have kept your skills up to date in addition to the full membership requirements.

    Here is the link

  • uknitty
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    Thanks Pirate.

    I actually work a 25 hour week and as such I had thought that my work experience would be worked out on a pro rata basis of 35/25 *12 meaning I would have to submit approximately 16 months experience to have the 12 month full time equivalent.

    However, when I submitted my 3 month work experience placement they only 6 weeks were credited out of the 13 I actually worked (and I spent at least 70% of my time on accounting tasks so that can't have affected the amount of experience granted)

    I'm a bit gutted that it is going to take me about 8 months longer than I had planned to get full MAAT status but I'll keep plugging away and adding to the requirement bit by bit....
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