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Blonde Accountant
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Hi, In Sage we have recently started using the POP and projects. When you raise a puchase order, there is a space to to the project ref at the top, however on each individual line when you edit it, there is a space at the bottom to put in project information. Does this mean that the same purchase order can be used for different projects, or is this line just for information and what you put on it doesn't get picked up any-where?

Also, when in the project section, if you double click on a project and click the analysis tab, you see the cost totals. If you press the little arrow next to the commited cost all of the details come up including the order number, but if you press the arrow next to the actual cost, the details are differnt, it doesn't have the order number or supplier on it. Is there any way to change what is shown here please?



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    I have been using the project part of Sage for years, I have only recently started using POP.

    Yes, you can use the same purchase order for different projects, don't put the project reference in the top of the purchase order in that case, put it in the individual line items.

    I think there is a way to change the view on actual cost but will need to come back to you about that. I am at home waiting to see doc about a head injury and don't have the notion to mess about in sage at moment. Will come back to you about that tomorrow.
  • Blonde Accountant
    Blonde Accountant Registered Posts: 86 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Thanks Pamdill, would be very much appreciated. Hope your head is soon better.
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