VAT Registration for Partnership

I've just completed an online VAT registration for a partnership and when I got to the end it said that I needed to print off and complete form VAT2 as well (which asks for the addresses of each partner) but there's no indication as to what I'm meant to do with it - do i send it to Grimsby now? or do i wait until they've been issued with a VAT number?


  • K H
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    I've just completed a partnership application as well on paper and i'm pretty sure they won't issue the registration until they have this completed form.

    So i would post it asap with a note and details of your original application.
  • Emrhino
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    I did this a couple of months ago - the VAT2 needs to go to:

    62-70 Tettenhall Road
    WV1 4TZ

    You should have been given a reference number when you completed the initial registration online - there is a space for this on the VAT2 (think it's top right corner from memory)

    Hope this helps.

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