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Can anyone shed any light on what I am doing wrong when trying to set up a new client for authorisation on the HMRC Website.

I am a registered Agent for SA, Corp Tax etc.

When I enter my new client's details (which are taken from his latest SA Statement) into the screen to send off for the authorisation code, I keep getting an unsubmitted status in the authorisations waiting screen.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? The client hasn't moved address etc. This is the only authorisation I am submitting today.

I can't seem to find any help on the HMRC and the helplines are not open on a Sunday.

Many thanks


  • burg
    burg Moderator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    Fill in the authorisation process. this adds the client to a list ready for submitting. Tick the check box next to the client then click the submit button at the bottom

  • cobbles
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    I have had this problem before, I had a letter from the revenue with all the clients details & name and address etc, online submission failed, I asked my client to call and it turns out they had two address (home & business)on file even though they were sending correspondance to the address I registered online it failed, they told me to use the business address and it worked.
  • JodieR
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    It can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game - I'm sure in one case of mine HMRC even had an 'o' in the place of a zero in the post code, so check every possible combination you can think of!
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