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Hey Peeps,

I'm new to all this, so please go gentle with me, Well i am a 26 yearold single mother of one, I didn't do too well at school (didn't go all that much if i'm honest lol) Well nothing to be proud of now, Anyhow, I have made some huge changes in my life the past month or so, I have suddenly clicked sounds odd but i have "found myself" i know what i want to do now - Accountancy, i have decided i want to go to College and get some NVQ's.
I am Enrolling on 9th Nov and i couldn't be more excited!! eekk!!!
I have chosen to do City and Guilds award in Book-Keeping course level's 1,2 and 3, Followed by AAT Accountancy levels 2,3 and 4. Hoping to go further for ACCA if i can make it (I don't want to get to far ahead of myself) And the Sage 50 Payroll course's 1 and 2!
A good 5/6 years worth but so worth it, I am so excited i have got a good few book-keeping and accountancy books to go over so i have some knowledge of what i am doing before my first course in January. I am really enjoying the books so far, there are a few things that make me tick but reading on a little more it come's to light.

Please feel free to send me any advice etc? Also i was wondering, My college doesn't do level4 Diploma, well it doesn't mention about it but another local College does? slightly confused or is all level4's a Diploma?
Sorry for sounding so silly i am just really excited, sad arn't i hehe.

Sammie xx


  • JasonTurbo
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, glad to hear of another newbie to the AAT. I've just started my level 2 and so far so good. You've definately come to the right place if you need any advice, lots of very helpful and experience people on the forum. It might be worth mentioning to your college regarding the level 4 diploma as not all colleges list it on there prospectus. I know that my college does it although it ultimately depends on the demand whether they offer it or not.
  • Sulew17
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    Hi Sammie, well done for making such a huge decision - you won't be disappointed! I started AAT level 2 last year as a very much more mature student than you and really wish I had done it years ago. Am studying level 3 now at college and am really enjoying it - also sad!!

    Just one thing. Why are you planning on doing City & Guilds first? I really don't think it's necessary as you will learn double entry bookkeeping, etc on AAT level 2 so would basically be repeating a lot of the City & Guilds course - or so I believe. I went straight into AAT as did everyone else in our class so maybe have a word with your college / tutor to find out what they think. Not doing C&G would reduce your studying time quite a bit!

    The Sage Payroll course is quite a good idea altho I am studying IAB as it takes you through Manual Payroll as well as computerised - don't know how useful that will be but I decided to go the whole hog!

    I can't tell you much about Level 4 altho I have heard that not all colleges do this level. I think it is still Diploma.

    Good luck with your studies and keep us up to date. If you need any help there are always great people on here who are very happy to help.

  • Pearce161
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    hi there sammie. i have jus started my aat lvl 2 i did the IAB manual book keeping lvl 1 and the sage comp accounts lvl 1 over the summer was gonna go onto lvl 2 on both but when i looked into it an spoke to a tutor at my college we both agreed i would just be better going down the aat route as this covers manual book keeping and computerised as well as much much more. I would recommend u speak to a tutor as by doing book keeping upto lvl 3/4 then aat u may end up covering the same things quite a lot. Hope this was useful let us know how u get on and what your tutors/advisers recommend.
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    Hi Sammie

    Welcome to AAT... I think if you start AAT Level1/2, then you don't have to do City and Guilds award in Book-Keeping course level's as AAT Level 2 will build a strong book-keep foundation. Also you will be doing SAGE 50 (Computerised accounting module) in AAT level 2. It will take you around two years (class based study) to complete AAT level2 and level 3, so nothing to be worried about AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting now. Just to confirm AAT Level 3 and 4 are both diploma.

    For more information regarding AAT qualification, please click on this link:

    Good Luck

  • vickster
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    Hi Sammie

    Like you I didn't do very well at school, but decided 2 years ago to do a bookkeeping course, I started off with City& guilds Level 1, then went on to do Level 2. I have just started Level 4 AAT after completing Level 2 & 3, it has taken me 2 years to get where I am now as i did the AAT fasttrack courses. I recommend starting off with bookkeeping to see if you like it and also it will give you a basic understanding of debits and credits. When I started level 2 aat there were quite a few people who had neven done anything like it before and they really struggled, a few of them dropped out. I think if they had done a bookeeping course they would have understood what was going on. The bookeeping courses are only for 10 weeks so its not that long. Good luck with what ever you decide

    vickster xx

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