Sage COA - advice needed!

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Hi there,

Quick question, really hope someone can answer it for me please!!
In Sage COA (using their default layout), under purchases it possible to expand the nominal numbering range from 5300 to 5999 eg

Plumbing 5300 - 5999

without it having an adverse effect on anything else?

Hope that makes sense!


  • jenny3549
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    Purchases would usually all go in the 5000 - 5100 range however you can use the range 5300-5999 as long as you adjust the COA to make sure that the range is included for purchases. It depends on what you are using the other default codes for eg 5100 is usually set as the carriage default but you could change it if you have no use for it in that form. It's easier to have ranges flow continuously.

    Not sure if I've made any sense there!
  • pink13
    pink13 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Thanks, really appreciate the prompt reply and it did make sense!
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