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Hi guys,

I have a client hes got 1 employee that works only Tue, Wed and thurs and i wona know if he is entitled to the full 5.6wks holidays? or just base it on 4wks not bank holidays.

thank you.


  • Monsoon
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    He is entitled to 5.6 weeks pro rata, so 5.6 weeks on tue, weds, Thurs pay.

    Bank holidays can be a bit of a red herring. The legislation provides for 5.6 weeks holiday based on a full time working week. Bank holidays do not have to be taken off. Some employment contracts specify 5.6 week plus bank holidays. In this case more than 5.6 weeks have to be paid as holiday as the contract provides for more than the statutory minimum. If a part time worker has this in their contract and they don't normally work Mondays (the usually day of a bank holiday) then they are entitled to the euqivalent time off pro rata.
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    If an employee works 5 days per week they are entitled to 28 days holiday this is including bank holiday, (this is 5.6 weeks). If an employee works 3 day per week x this by 5.6 weeks = 16.8days holiday entitlement.
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