Question about working tax credit

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Hi, I've only completed level 2 of the AAT currently studying level 3. Completed ITX successfully, but as a favour to my mum, I've been helping her with their business accounts.

Trying to put them all on sage as currently her method is to keep every receipt in a box and hand them to their accountant at the end of the year. 2010 are due in november, so I've been putting them all on sage (which is what her accountant has asked her to do as he wants to save her money and she currently pays a lot for him to do all the paperwork for her)

Every month, they get working tax credit in their business account. I've entered them into sage but I am sure I've put them under the wrong nominal code, what should they be under?

Thanks :D


  • burg
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    They should be put as capital introduced. There is not a default one on Sage. I normally create one at 3998 and 3999 as drawings. these also need to be added to the chat of accounts as well.

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