doing level 2 and level 3 the same time

Yao Yu
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Hi, I just started my level 2 with the local college and found it quite easy, but as I found the college arrange the level 2 in a quite slow paste and last whole year till June 2012, as I can't change the level 2 exam date arranged by my college, so I am thinking to do the level 3 at the same time by distance learning or just buy the books and pay for to sit in the exam. so hopefully I can finish my level 2 and level 3 within one year. just wonder as here you guys are studying level 3 , so any comments for my plan?


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    Its possible as you dont have to do level 2 to do level 3 but you do need a good double entry base to start level 3.

    How easy or difficult level 3 is depends upon the person. I personally feel someone who has a good maths base will not struggle with level 3 if they do the work.
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    Yao Yu

    Why don't you complete level 2 by distance learning now?
    And see if the college will transfer you onto the level 3 course straight away.

    Distance learning is not for everyone, and taught courses have the opportunity to clarify points in the classes.

    At Chichester College I have the cost and revenue class every Wednesday evening.
    Last week we had a new a student, transferred from level 2 where he could have described himself in the way you described yourself.

    He missed the VAT unit, but would have the chance to do it either on his own or by distance learning. He'll catch up the direct costing (from my class) on his own, but I doubt that will pose a problem to him.

    He won't take any level 2 exams now.

    So you could look at doing the same as the student at Chichester.
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