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A client wants his post (purchase invoices, bank statements etc.) sent direct to me to deal with. Currently all mail goes to his home (which is also the reg. office) address, and I currently do VAT, and the usual small Ltd co. work.

I work from home, and want to maintain privacy, so I'm thinking of getting a PO box set up from which the post would then be sent to me. I'll be charging client for this, of course.

Does anyone have any better ideas, or know of any pitfalls to watch out for?


  • T.C.
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    I think you should draw up a document for him to sign. You could be opening items which he didn't really want you to read, or private mail, or he could claim that items go missing. I would check this one out further before going ahead. Afterall there is a law against opening other people's post - not sure if that applies here?
  • Dcollins
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    Thanks TC, very good points. I honestly can't understand what's so difficult about keeping invoices together and getting them to me once a month.
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