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Should I be getting feedback on my CBA results rather than just "Not Yet Competent"?

Even with paper exams we got feedback.


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    No they dont give you any feed back. Its silly really as you dont know where your going wrong . Try doing plenty of past papers before exam and check the answers find out your weak points and focus on these for revision
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    You can request feedback from the AAT I have told this myself previously but will cost Β£23. It doesn't state the questions you got asked your answer or exactly what you did wrong but will tell you the area you were not competant on so you can concentrate on that area.

    Hope that helps

  • Mikej
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    Found this out when I requested the cba appeals information.

    Please note that if you only require feedback on your performance, you no longer have to go through the enquiries and appeals procedure. Your training provider is now able to access free automatic feedback for individual students directly from AAT’s assessment management system. We recently added the metadata required to provide this feedback, so feedback is only available for CBTs scheduled after 1 October 2011. You will need to speak to your tutor to obtain a copy of the feedback for any of your eligible CBTs.
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