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ive been doing practice cbas for budgeting level 4
thought i was doing ok except for the written questions which totally go over my head
but ive just failed the online practice exam again
Any tips on written part and any ideas what else i can do to revise, ive bought the osbourne books, im printing everything of website and going over stuff ive done in class, im at a loss at what else i can do as im doing at least a couple of hours a night revision
obviously theres something im missing

any sites with extra revision papers any one knows about?

thanks guys
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  • babsa
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    this was my favourite exam and I passed it first time, is it just the written part or are you stick on anything else?
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    nicd1981 wrote: »
    any sites with extra revision papers any one knows about?

    thanks guys

    The Osborne site has a practice section:


    Questions on all the units which I always use as they are quite handy. (Sorry, don't know how to put in a link so you can just click on it!)

    Edit: Oooh, just realised you can click on it - excellent!
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