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Hello All

I started my AAT Level 3 back in January 2011 and I am now half-way through Level 4 (ICAS, Budgeting and Financial Performance passed with BTX, PTX and FNST left to go).

It has come to the stage where I need to decided how to go forward.

Please can someone explain the difference between becoming a MAAT and setting-up as MiP? Is it not the case that someone with a MAAT can simply set-up themselves anyway?

I notice that there are changes being made to MiP.

I would like to set-up some form of group here for people approaching MAAT status so we can help each other out.

Any takers?



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    Hey Wannabe

    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you; however I need to complete (i) the ICAS project and (ii) financial performance, in order to finish Level 4.

    I too want to setup as a MiP; I think that MAAT status is an entry requirement in order to get MiP status. MAAT status means you are a member of the Association; MiP status means that in addition to being a member you are also licensed by the AAT to do accounts and tax for members of the public.

    Consequently I plan to hand in my first ICAS draft in November, finish financial performance in January, and finalize the ICAS project in February. Therefore hopefully I can apply for MAAT status in April an MiP status after that.

    I too have noticed that the AAT have introduced changes to MiP status; I think that this just involves doing a few more tests, e.g. professional ethics, etc.

    How long did it take you to do the ICAS project? What topic did you choose? Is the project really difficult to complete?

    When do you plan to achieve MAAT status?
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    this link may help. How do I become an AAT full member.
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