Most well regarded place to study amongst employeers ??

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I've decided to take my accountancy studies further and go for a chartered qualification. I'm still trying to decided if i should go for ACCA or ACA , but I'm struggling to find out where to study, trying to find out which place is the most well regarded amongst employers. Are there any that you would recommend?

I did my AAT studies with Kaplan, but I heard from a couple of people that BPP would the best place for chartered qualifications.

Anyone has any recommendations? Or any point of view on what would employers expect on this current economic climate?

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    I think Kaplan and BPP are the main ones. I'm not sure whether one is more highly regarded than the other, but I'd say having first time passes count with employers. So I would look at locations, price, pass rates (if available) and study modes for the two.
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    Thank you for your reply. that helps.

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    With regard to decision between ACA & ACCA it depends on what you are currently doing work wise from what I remember. ACCA is one that you can study yourself, either through training provider or remotely. ACA i understood that you need to work for Accredited employer on a training contract? Also, if you are an MIP with AAT, or planning to be in the near future ACCA have very strict rules on students not being allowed to practice.
    Whatever you choose, good luck with your studies
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