Probably a stupid question...

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Morning all, this is probably a stupid question but with the old AAT standards there was a diploma route for if you werent working in the accounting field and an NVQ route if you were. Is this the same for the new standard? Or is it just one pathway?

Many thanks


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    Hi Amy

    Now that QCF has come in to play there is just one qualification.

    I did level 2 and 3 under the "old" standards and started level 4 under then "new" standards. I was not working in accounts until recently so I followed the Diploma Pathway for level 2 and 3.

    My understanding is that under the old standards you could submit work based evidence for some of the units if you were doing the NVQ pathway, or you sat skills tests if you were following the Diploma pathway.

    The structure of the "new" qualification is probably closer to the old "diploma" as all of the units (with the exception of ICAS) are now assessed via tests rather than a portfolio of work based evidence (you can still do a work based case study for ICAS if you choose to though).

    I think if you have lots of experience in a certain area you can still apply for credit for prior learning, but this is decided on a case by case basis. Someone else may be able to confirm that though :)
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    Thanks uknitty! Thats very helpful.
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