HMRC Tax Office Addresses?

Where have then gone on HMRC's site? There used to be a screen where you entered the tax office number and it gave you the name and address, but I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it still exists or if there's an alternative?



  • Bluewednesday
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    I used it yesterday, under contact us and businesses if its for corporation tax.
  • deanshepherd
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  • payrollpro
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    It might be worth noting that virtually all HMRC post is now going to Benton Park View, irrespective of the address used by the sender. Only queries to specialised areas seem to be keeping their normal address.

    The AAT is very interested to find out how this affects members in terms of timeliness and the quality of response so if anyone has comments and particularly identifiable cases they can provide us with we will approach HMRC and seek redress.

  • JodieR
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    Thanks very much guys!

    I guessed that they're making it harder to find as the post does seem to need to go to central locations now rather than specific offices, but in this case all I really needed was the name of the tax office as a client had given me their new PAYE employers reference and I needed to enter the name of the tax office and what was previously a 2 second job turned into a reccuring nightmare of links to every page apart from the one i was after!
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