Bribery Act

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Does anyone know much about this? Take part in much bribing or bribe taking?!

From what I know, it seems everyone should know the basics of this and businesses of a decent size should have some policies and procedures in place;

It is a 45 page document;

Does anyone have anything in place for this already?


  • johnnyboy987
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    This legislation has major implications for my company (international construction and property management) and we have had to change so many procedures and create policies to incorporate this.

    From what I gather, its the most far reaching piece of legislation and the implications stretch to not only your company, but any businesses linked to yours (domestic or foreign), your customers, supply chain, pretty much every business relationship you could think of.

    If companies do not have something in place, the proverbal could hit the fan monumentally!
  • PGM
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    Thanks, I guess I better read that 45 page document.
  • deanshepherd
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    Or see here for a more concise summary.
  • PGM
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    Thank you Dean, thats a much better prospect than the 45 page document.

  • PGM
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    The summary did make clear the importance of a good policy to combat bribery, which would then cover you in case staff did something bad.

    The next step is to put a policy in place, and I think that'll mean the big document :(
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