How to make the most of your AAT sub?

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Hello All,

Wondered if someone can tell me what you can do with your MAAT letters?
I have been for a few years and paying my annual sub but had nothing but junk mail from AAT so stopped that, now I do not even receive the mags...:(

Never went to CPD events as they are really expensive... could not find the recordings or such...

Any suggestions/ideas please as to what you can get out of this?

Many thanks


  • andrewtdk
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    They only charge for some cpd events but also have some for free so it may be worth having another look.

    I went to a good budget update seminar but having said that there dont seem to be any for my branch at the minute (Sheffield branch) so i dont know if they have stopped this branch or if its just a quiet few months
  • Dcollins
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    Have a look on the AAT website. If you log in to MyAAT (it's different to the forum registration, so you might have to register for MyAAT) you can use the CPD area to access a lot of articles and podcasts etc. on a wide range of subjects - FREE.

    The magazine is available online too. Mine gets sent by post and I get very little other mail from AAT.

    Local branches hold a few free events each year. The Engage email newsletter gives details of free local CPD events, but you can also search the website. Getting involved in your local branch would give you a great deal of opportunity for professional and personal development, whether you just go along to the events or join the committee.

    If you don't receive the Engage newsletter, or the magazine, get in touch with member services and ask them. Mine went astray for a few months, but it's sorted out now.

    You can also get technical advice, ethical guidance, discounts on goods & services, there are tips on career development and tools for recording your CPD.

    With ACCA charging £480 for their 1 day courses (and £1,300 for the recent 3 day one), I think the AAT's Mastercourses are good value for money, but I like getting stuff for free too.
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