Advice required - Want to continue my studies for the ACCA qualification

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Hi Folks

I am currently on level 4 at the moment & thinking of continuing with my studies to complete the ACCA qualification.

Does anybody know if ACCA also have cba exams which would enable me to sit the acca exams when I am ready or do they have fixed exam dates where I would need to go to an exam centre to sit my exam.

If they have set exam dates, does anybody know when exams are timetabled for and by what date I need to confirm that I want to sit the exams?

I did try & post this query on the ACCA website. but their forum is temporarily suspended!

Thanks in advance.


  • jenny3549
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    Hi Geek84,

    As far as I am aware the ACCA have started doing CBA but these are just for the 3 foundation exams which we would be exempt from once completed AAT. The rest are currently paper based only and are sat twice a year in December and June.

    Off the top of my head you need to be registered with ACCA by Feb to sit the June exams and Aug to sit the December ones.

    I've been looking into this myself as well. The ACCA website is not friendly!!
  • Dcollins
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    Jenny3549 is right, you do need to register with ACCA first.

    Deadlines for entering ACCA exams are 8th October for December exams, and 8th April for June exams.

    Link to next June's timetable.

    Hope that helps.
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