Exams as an external candidate?

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Finished my final year at Wigan college but I still need to resit an exam I cant do this at Wigan now how do i go about entering exams as an external candidate at other colleges? And does anyone know anywhere in the north west where exams are done fairly regular?

Thanks in advance


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    Hi there,

    I am a distance learning student with Premier Training so I have to sit my exams as an "external" candidate. Most BPP and Kaplan centres allow you to do this.

    I use Kaplan in Liverpool for my exams as I find the staff really helpful and friendly. I spoke to them earlier this week to book my FNPF exam and they advised right now they are running CBE's for external candidates every other Wednesday. I don't think they are too far from you either are they ?

    Heres a google map and the contact details.


    All you should need to do is call up find out what availabilitiy they have, fill in a booking form and take some ID to the exam to prove your identity. It costs in the region of £50 to sit a test as an external candidate (depending on the level of paper you are taking)
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    Yeah Liverpool isn't too far away thanks for your help
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