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Just wondering for those who deal with a lot of subcontractors, do you use companies who do IR 35 reviews and if yes, have you got any recommendation. The ones I have dealt with in the past I have always managed to do the checklist myself, I am in the process of trying to have something in place as I have noticed more and more people are trying to go for the route of having Ltd company rather than working via an umbrella company. Any views on this thread are welcome. Thanks


  • Monsoon
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    I can do IR35 reviews and we have always done them in house. My ex business partner used to do them but I've got a good deal of knowledge on the subject and so am happy to do them myself now I'm on my own.
  • groundy
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    If we need to have a self employed contract reviewed we send it to "Accountax" not cheap but the best in the business that I'm aware of. We are also members of their fighting fund and attend their seminars which are once or twice a year.
  • mc25
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    Groundy and Monsoon thanks for your reply. I will have a look at the Accountax as its something I am thinking its worth having in place.
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    We encourage our clients to join the Professional Contractors Group as members get a discount on the Accountax contract check (which one of our clients has taken up) and you are then indemnified should HMRC decide otherwise.

    PCG also do a lot of campaigning and lobbying regarding IR35 as well as providing lots of training and support.
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    I used to do contract reviews and have done for people on this site.

    However QDOS now do them for £85 and it just isn't worth me opening up a file for that kind of return.

    I'm not sure of the quality of the report you get but Qdos have a pretty good reputation generally so I would imagine it is a good service.
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