Wrong Professional Clearance info

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I have requested professional clearance from another form for a client. They have responded via email but the information and email is not for me it is for another firm in respect of another client. I have responded highlighting the error.

However do I have any further duty/obligation or would I break data-protection laws?

I have the new accountants details. I would not want to pass on the info but should I make them aware so they can advise their new client?

Should I be worried about our own new clients information?



  • slackda
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    Technically i think you should advise the ICO as it could be considered a breach of the DP act on thier part....but other than that not alot you could really do.
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    Nobody died, I would not really consider the other firms partners, yourself and the client be troubled over what you have seen. Email the exiting partners to tell them of the error and you have deleted the email and move on.
    As a partner I would remember someone who did the above and more so someone who reported it.
  • burg
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    Thanks for the replies. Reporting hadn't really crossed my mind. As I said my concerns were more on had our new clients data been given out to someone they did not necessarily want to see the info.

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