Which training provider for Level 4?

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I have almost completed my Level 3 and am looking to start Level 4 early next year. I am a distance learner and have used HLC for Levels 2 and 3. I am increasingly unhappy with the reading material provided by HLC and have been looking at alternative providers (Kaplan, Eagle, BPP).

Does anyboy have any experience with any of these for Level 4 distance learning? If so any recommendations as to which is the best?

Cost is not the main factor that concerns me I am more concerned with the quality of learning materials and study support etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




  • uknitty
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    I've used Premier Training for all 3 levels of the AAT (currently part way through level 4). I've not really used much tutor support - although the feedback on mock papers has been helpful with identifying areas that I need to work on to prepare for exams.

    Kaplan and BPP use their own learning materials. Eagle Education and Premier Training both use Osborne Books.

    Personally I have been more than happy with the Osborne books, although I have bought both BPP and Kaplan "revision kits" and "question banks" in order to have additional questions to practice for exams. I know you mention that cost is not your primary motivation, but it is worth mentioning that if you buy Osborne books direct from their website they are considerably cheaper than purchasing via any of the online retailers....

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    I am using Kaplan Distance Learning at the moment for a unit, and it seems to be going well!
  • jayne.pope@irml.net
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    Thanks uknitty. I will check out the website you attached. I have toyed with the idea of just buying the books but as you said I also find the feedback quite useful and I expect Level 4 to be a significant jump from Level 3 so may need the support even though I haven't really used it for levels 2 and 3.

    I may look at HLC again as I like the fact that it is an all in price which includes exam and assessment fees and I have never experienced any problems with their marking of assignments etc. For Level 3 I also supplemented this with the Kaplan revision books so I guess you would need to do this with most providers to get a good understanding. My employers pay for the course so if all I need to do is buy a few books is not the end of the world and I like the fact that my employers only need to pay once and I dont need to keep asking work for pay for exams etc.

    Good luck with the rest of level 4!

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