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Hi all,

I have recently qualified and am looking to leave my awful job, I work in an accountancy practice and have done for 3 1/2 years. I am now looking to become a self employed book keeper. I am looking for some advice on the member in practice scheme, which I believe I have to join if I become self employed. Would working on accounts preparation be enough to become a member in practice for Book keeping? - I feel like that is my job sometimes with all the awful state of peoples records! What sort of people did you get to be a professional reference? - I don't think my employer would agree to be one somehow! Sorry its long thanks for your help.


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    Yes, you do need to join the MIP scheme.

    The MIP team can give you all the info you need, but you would need to register:

    As a MIP with the AAT
    Regulated for MLR with the AAT
    With Professional Indemnity Insurance
    As self employed with HMRC
    As a data controller with the ICO
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