Has anyone studied at a local college then switched to BBP?

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I am currently studying level 4 and i find it so hard, i wish now i hadnt decided to do this at my local college as i feel like i am not getting the extra time i need to prepare for each exam. if i were to complete most of the units for level 4 at my college but then needed to resit one exam could i just go to BBP to do this? not sure how it would update on my AAT account to show ive completed. Has anyone else done this? Thanks


  • anisurrahman
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    Hi Focus888 - did you mean BPP?
  • anniebabe
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    Hi Focus
    I know what you mean - I am at a college and classes move very fast - but my tutor has told me that if I feel like I am not ready to sit an exam I can do it when lvl 3 do there resits.
    I am sure that if you ring Kaplan or BPP they will take you as an external student for for an exam - but I think it will cost more money than sitting it at college.
    You need to ring your local branch and ask.
    I did my budgeting exam at Manchester BPP and was still registered at college and this did not effect anything - I was still registered at college.
    There is no harm in asking, and it may make you feel better to know there is no pressure to sit an exam when your college says so.
    Good Luck!
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