Financial Performance question - nerves kicking in!

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Can someone help with this please? I keep getting the answer to £2,600, however the answer is £2,500

A company that produces Jetsams has standard cost information of 0.65kg of material at £25.00 per kg for each Jetsam.

During September, 4,000 Jetsams were produced, using 2,700 kg of material that cost £67,600.

Complete the following table using the drop down menus to show the material variances.

Direct material usage variance?



  • wajoda2002
    wajoda2002 Registered Posts: 28 Regular contributor ⭐
    Sussed it. Thank you
  • Dsindle
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    This is how its worked out:

    You used 2700kg but you should have used 2600kg (0.65 x 4000) - resulting in a difference of 100kg @ £25.00 each = £2500

    For usage variances you need to remember its comparing what you 'should have' used against what you 'did' use.

    Hope this helps....
  • deep0075
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    here is the answer:

    .65x4000=2600 standard production qty

    standard rate is 25(standard production qty- actual production qty)



    = 2500 adverse
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