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Good afternoon,

I am currently changing my career path slighly and want to become a MIP. The AAT have advised that i may be able to volunteer my services to an existing accountant/practise in order to gain some experiance to be able to attain my MIP certificate.

I also like the idea of the mentoring scheme.

is there anyone who would like a volunteer and/or be willing to offer me mentoring? I am hard working, i pick things up quickly, i live in the bexley area and would be willing to travel.

Thanking you in advance.


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    I am in the same position as you and a few months ago I wrote to 6 local MIPs asking if they could give me some work experience.

    Two came back to me and I am now working 1 day a week in a practice gaining experience (I work in education finance the rest of the week).

    I offered to work for no payment however I am being paid which is a bonus!! I think a nicely worded letter, outlining any experience you have is well worth a try. Look in the MIP directory and write to the MIPs working closest to your home address. I am still in touch with the other MIP and once I am feeling a little more confident I will try to find some more hours to see how different people manage their practice...

    Good luck, I envisage a long hard journey to getting my MIP licence, but I am determined to get there!!
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