Practice Assessment - Costs and Revenues

Sharleen Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 36
So I've just done the practice assessment from the AAT website for the above module (the one that is a Word document). Then I went to the other practice exam they have which is in the actual CBA format, and it's the same one!!!

I'm sure with the other papers I've done there have been two practice exams, one in each format. So you can at least do both.

Anyone else had this with other papers? It's a bit annoying, I wish they'd put a second one up there, I need all the practice I can get!


  • anisurrahman
    anisurrahman Well-Known Registered Posts: 130
    Hi Sharleen

    Costs and Revenues Past Exam Papers

    Step 1: Click on this link:

    Step 2: Select 'Unit 6 Recording and analysing costs and revenues'

    Step 3: Select June and December

    Step 4: Select 'All years'

    Step 5: Click on 'Search'

    - Ronnie
    Donna Curling
  • Sharleen
    Sharleen Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Thank you so much!
  • anisurrahman
    anisurrahman Well-Known Registered Posts: 130
    It is my pleasure :) Happy studying ... :-p
  • j1994
    j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    Do u think i should do all the past papers what yr should i start from?
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