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Hi, can anyone tell me if they know of any business start up grants that are available to help with office/staff cost? It's a bit of a mine field looking on the net so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated......


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Not sure if this is quite what you're after but HMRC are running an Employer NIC Holiday scheme for new businesses starting up in certain areas of the country. Means you don't have to pay the Employer's NICs on the first 10 employees for a year. Here's a link to the info:
  • gsauny21
    gsauny21 Registered Posts: 16 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    No i was looking for any possible grants that will help with employing staff, funding offices etc....thanks for your reply though as all info is handy info.......
  • groundy
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    Grants vary depending upon region, you are best contacting your local business link or council.
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